The 2015 Artist Roster! All New Music. All New Players

I haven't wrote a post in ages.  This last year has been a long and windy road, in particular because I made a huge shift in my focus as an artist/performer.
The new mission is simply to write and perform ORIGINAL music.  I love my job!

Great news ahead looking into next year.. traveling, a new album in the making, a slamming house gig in Minneapolis, collaborations with local businesses and much more.

Audiyo Element - Hip-Hop/R&B/Rock

This 8-piece power-house is a group you don't want to miss.  Audiyo Element is a collective that is quickly becoming the hottest act in Minneapolis.  The music is positive, intricate, and full of emotion.  All of our vocalists (4 of them) blend beautiful together to create full sound with a gospel tinge.  Drummer Blayr Alexander and myself had collaborated before and I was so inspired by his playing and musical family.  Together with AE we join forces together to develop the band of our dreams.  The musicians are truly gifted and I learn so much from them. Our live show is extremely high energy and musical.  I also designed their website this last year.  Earlier in the year we played a Battle of The Bands and dominated!!  Taking it to the next level, is our concert "The Main Event" @ First Avenue Dec 27th 2014 - FB Event & Details HERE!!

Hot.Black.Funky - Funk/Fusion/R&B

Ah yes.. Hot.Black.Funky.  So when my bestie Reuben Rodriguez asked me to perform a birthday show at a house party in his basement the answer was obviously yes.  This resulted into hanging out with and jamming with drummer friend Mike Colosimo III.  At that very moment HBF was born.  We started learning Guthrie Govan and Marcus Miller cover-songs, and before you knew it starting singing songs too!  Fast forward a half-year and we now have a Sunday residency gig at the Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis where we still reside.  Only now Hot.Black.Funky. as evolved to version 2.0 with the introduction to sax/keys player Joseph Vincent McCauley and trombone player Cody LeDuc.  Partnered with our new manager Ross Taylor of the band Soap, Hot.Black.Funky. has a very bright future and don't forget we always play for FREE every Sunday night.  Free funk music, how could you resist?

Duenday - Electro/Hip-Hop/Funk 

When I was playing with the band More Than Lights, we had some friends that toured with us, and their names were Matt, Matt, and Gabe Garcia.  Together they made Duenday, a high energy hip-hop group from Minneapolis.  One day one of the Matts called me and asked if I could do a performance with them. Since then our ideas have fused together into something magical!  Beat-repeats, synthesizer solos, dueling guitar battles, and epic rap verses are commonplace for Duenday.  In the summer you will see us at all of the out-door festivals so keep your eyes peeled.  Along with fellow guitarist Kevin Isreal (The Premiums/Waterbury Recording Studios) Duenday has been collaborating with new elements to create a futuristic sound and I'm so happy to be apart of it

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Hot.Black.Funky Takes Over Sunday Residency @ The Whiskey Junction!


 Hi. I'm Mike. I play guitar in my band called "Hot.Black.Funky." We are a trio residing from Minnesota and are the current house band at The Whiskey Junction.

Wonderful Slippery Thing by Guthrie Govan

One of my favorite guitarists EVER is Guthrie.  He is a famous rock-fusion-funk-jazz-whatever guitar player that I first saw in a YouTube video that went super viral among my college friends at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul. This one got me every time !!
I haven't quite learned this song perfectly yet, but I wanted to leave room for my personality to show in the song since it's so guitar driven.  Check it out, enjoy!

See you on Sunday night!

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