The 2015 Artist Roster! All New Music. All New Players

I haven't wrote a post in ages.  This last year has been a long and windy road, in particular because I made a huge shift in my focus as an artist/performer or whatever you want to call it.
The new mission involves as much ORIGINAL music as possible while still incorporating cover music to my music diet.  Great news ahead looking into next year.. traveling, a new album in the making, a slamming house gig in Minneapolis, and much more.

Without further wait here I am happy to announce my Mike Green MJG-Music Lineup for 2015:

Audiyo Element - Hip-Hop/R&B/Rock

This 8-piece power-house is a group you don't want to miss.  Audiyo Element is a collective that is quickly becoming the hottest act in Minneapolis.  The music is positive, intricate, and full of emotion.  All of our vocalists (4 of them) blend beautiful together to create full sound with a gospel tinge.  Drummer Blayr Alexander and myself had collaborated before and I was so inspired by his playing and musical family.  Together with AE we join forces together to develop the band of our dreams.  The musicians are truly gifted and I learn so much from them. Our live show is extremely high energy and musical.  I also designed their website this last year.  Earlier in the year we played a Battle of The Bands and dominated.

Hot.Black.Funky - Funk/Fusion/R&B

Ah yes.. Hot.Black.Funky.  So when my bestie Reuben Rodriguez asked me to perform a birthday show/house-party in his basement the answer was obviously yes.  This resulted into hanging out with and jamming with drummer friend Mike Colosimo III.  At that moment HBF was born.  We started learning Guthrie Govan and Marcus Miller cover-songs, and before you knew it starting singing songs.  Fast forward a half-year and we had a Sunday residency gig at the Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis where we still reside.  Only now Hot.Black.Funky. as evolved to version 2.0 with the introduction to sax/keys player Joseph Vincent McCauley and trombone player Cody LeDuc.  Partnered with our new manager Ross Taylor of the band Soap, Hot.Black.Funky. has a very bright future and don't forget we always play for FREE every Sunday night.  Free funk music, how could you resist?

Duenday - Electro/Hip-Hop/Funk 

When I was playing with the band More Than Lights, we had some friends that toured with us, and their names were Matt, Matt, and Gabe.  Together they made Duenday, a high energy hip-hop group from Minneapolis.  One day one of the Matts called me up and asked if I could do a performance with them. Since them our ideas have fused together into something magical!  Beat-repeats, synthesizer solos, dueling guitar battles, and epic rap verses are commonplace for Duenday.  In the summer you will see us at all of the out-door festivals so keep your eyes peeled.  Along with fellow guitarist Kevin Isreal (The Premiums/Waterbury Recording Studios) Duenday has been collaborating with new elements to create a futuristic sound to dancey hip-hop jam tracks.

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Hot.Black.Funky Takes Over Sunday Residency @ The Whiskey Junction!


 Hi. I'm Mike. I play guitar in my band called "Hot.Black.Funky." We are a trio residing from Minnesota and are the current house band at The Whiskey Junction.

Wonderful Slippery Thing by Guthrie Govan

One of my favorite guitarists EVER is Guthrie.  He is a famous rock-fusion-funk-jazz-whatever guitar player that I first saw in a YouTube video that went super viral among my college friends at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul. This one got me every time !!
I haven't quite learned this song perfectly yet, but I wanted to leave room for my personality to show in the song since it's so guitar driven.  Check it out, enjoy!

See you on Sunday night!

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Dinbot Reaching New Heights

Dinbot 8-Bit Original Compositions Archive

With over three albums of material on our SoundCloud, Dinbot has taken off to become a haven for archiving our 8-bit music.  Composer Mick Hayes and I have been producing this nostalgic sound that is reminiscent of playing Nintendo games as a child. We are in contact with developers about creating a Dinbot mobile game.

The Dinbot community on Soundcloud has been growing so fast!  Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of these great compositions.  Mick and I are now laying out ideas for the very first Dinbot album release which will be sometime September 2013.


- Mike
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Practice DOESN'T Make Perfect?

We have all heard the old saying, and the truth of the matter is that this is a myth of the ancients.  I'm going to show you a way to double your results with actually working up to 80% LESS.
A very counter-intuitive statement to say less work is the path to more productivity, but if you look at the mathematics coupled with scientific data behind motivation you will start to see the light!
To learn More than Light's whole discography, I tried numerous approaches.  One that I found very effective
was setting timers to work on each song equally so that I sounded consistent throughout the whole concert.  Nothing worse than being put on the spot and not knowing a song with 1000+ people watching you! :)  
First lets examine what is called the 80/20 principle.  Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist calculated that 80 percent of Italy's wealth was controlled by 20 percent of the people.  This concept observes the fact that most things in life are NOT distributed equally.  In the business world, it translates to 80 percent of business comes from 20 percent of your customers.  It can also mean 80 percent of the output comes from 20 percent of the input.  If you do research on this subject, you will find that the 80/20 principle is everywhere, and most people don't realize it happens to them all the time in their life.

To put this in the scope of our conversation,  let's say that our wanna-be-shred-head friend decides he wants to get his game tight.  A majority of guitarists learn with the maximize volume to maximize results approach.  The more time I spend with my guitar in my hands, the faster I improve.   So let's take a look at what this n00b practice session looks like:

~ Noodling for nearly the first hour
~ Mindlessly watch YouTube in desperate search of inspiration for hours
~ Wasting time on Google looking up amateur tabs at
~ After many distractions, he finally tackles the task at hand

I've been here time and time again, and we both know the results: mediocre/average progress.  I suggest everyone to consider this in approaching your next practice session. For one of my casino gigs a few years ago I had the book thrown at me; the guitarist I subbed in for gave me about 80 tunes to learn in about 3 weeks!  When it came down to showtime, I wasn't nervous.  I overcame this by cutting the crap out of my routine and getting straight down to business:

~ Setting timers and writing down a schedule
~ Preparing quality sheet music and other materials BEFORE HAND
~ Having a productive environment to work in.

Just for starters...

Dabbling is for a hobbyist, someone who cannot delegate their time properly, or makes excuses instead of doing something right the first time.  For recreational purposes by all means, get YouTube wasted and binge. If you want to become great and efficient, cut out the distractions.  A drop of experience is equal to a bucket of knowledge.  What I'm saying is that far too many people depend on an abundance of information rather than just sitting down and doing the very task they are researching/studying.  Nothing wrong about being an information junkie, but if your true goal is to master the craft of guitar don't fall into the trap.  If you were stranded on an island with two people, and needed to survive and find food, who would you trust? One guy that starts rambling off random tid-bits of information and factoids, or the guy who doesn't say a damn thing and just starts hunting?

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Fun with Uniphonics!!

More than Lights introduces their album Sights and Sounds, with The Uniphonics in La Crosse, Wisconsin @ Popcorn Tavern

We had a successful weekend with our homies Uniphonics from Iowa.  They threw down jazzy and funk based hip-hop.  I remember meeting some of the band members last time More than Lights played at Gabe's Pub in Iowa City last year.  Their drummer Forrest works at two local venues there.  I was super happy because our friends Up Rock opened up the show as well, and hyped up the crowd.  Up Rock had a very crucial role in the development of the Twin Cities Hiphop scene with their group Abstract Pack.

After the show, Alex Bennett (bassist for MTL) had invited us back to his brother's house near by.  Turns out it is actually a horse ranch with 35 horses, some of them are show/racing horses!  He was kind enough to give us a tour and it was super dope.

Jellyfish and I played an intense game of darts were we were competing to see who could get 5 bulls-eyes quickest.  Once I was up 5-0, he asked if we could go to ten. I agreed.  I proceeded to get two more bulls-eyes and then had a bad beat, where I couldn't get any for at least 4 rounds.  At this point in the game, Jelly had recovered and got up to 6 in score. The board read 7-6, and the heat was on.  Jelly bragged and shouted, trying to intimidate me... it was working...
I then realized I needed to bring the pain.. at that moment I grabbed the darts and with one round got 3 bulls-eyes to come back and WIN!!!!!!! EPIC!

and onto the Iowa City Yacht Club..

Thanks to A.B.'s brother, we had a awesome place to sleep the night before and got some great rest.  Onward to Iowa City!  Opening the night was a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover group that reunited after 2 years off.  They warmed the stage for MTL.  About two songs in, I took off my shoes and started jumping around like a madman like I always do.  This time, it cost me!!!  During Deja Voodoo, I managed to step on some broken glass on the stage, or should I say I jumped on a shard of glass!  This was not realized until halfway through the song and it hurt extremely bad.  I kept my game face on and played hard, using my other foot and my heel to switch through my pedal board.  Afterwards, Jelly took me out to the van and we took the shard out. Hopefully MTL has a healthcare plan if I get tetanus.  We said farewell to our friends Uniphonics and we will cross paths again.  The journey home to Minneapolis with Corey Hess and I navigating was splendid.  Next weekend get ready for some more!

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Touring w/ More than Lights Pt. 1

Sights and Sounds Tour 2012: Part 1
Written On: Oct/21/2012

Our first stop on the More than Lights Montana Tour: Fargo. It was a two night event at The Aquarium that will not be forgotten. Thanks to everyone who came and got.down with the MTL crew.  We had a chance to stay with our good friend Kipp G, who also performed with us both nights and hyped the crowd.
First night was a packed house, we had our friends Up Rock throw down to start the night off, followed by Kipp G and Later Babies. Great crowd to kick off a tour!! After the show we drank wine till probably 5:30am.

The second night was magical, the vibes off the crowd was amazing, they knew all of the lyrics and were very engaged. Our good friends Duenday & Gabe Garcia joined us in Fargo and will be following us on tour.   Fargo's own Thrills and Fills started the night off with jammy hip-hop, followed by Kipp G, comedian/rapper Vesh, and Duenday.

We started the night off with an acoustic twist.  Jelly performed a very expressive almost spoken word like rap song with Rueben on bass. Fam Darrel Blue did some interpretive signing to our music on stage, it was beautiful to watch Zach's words come to life. As we continued to bring the pain, MTL closed out the night with a very.intense performance of Energy Splash, where we all immersed in the crowd giving high fives, hugs and smiles.

This video above was taken in the basement of Aquarium, doing some improv hiphop sesh with Big Zach and Rueben.  After the show parties then ensued, met alot of great peeps, very generous people up in NoDak. DJ Gabe Garcia, Big Zach, Kipp G, Rueben and I decided to go invade this party and the mission was accomplished.

Peace to everybody,
Mike Green 
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I Make Video-Game Music too!

My good friend Mick Hayes (The Angle Obscure, Ions and Atrophy), Nick Nygaard (Ions and Atrophy, Garbot) and I have been on a new venture together which is writing music specifically for 8-Bit rendering.  Dinbot is sparking alot of interest on the web, and getting some really awesome comments as well from the Soundcloud community.  With our emphasis on collaborating with game developers, we are also open to many different kinds of projects and concepts.

Check out my original compositions under the Dinbot channel
"Frequency Response"
"Tail of a Dry Spell"


One of my favorites from Mick is a tune called "Fo N Sics" which has some clever parts in 6/4 time.
Also, "How Bout a High Five," is another tune with some melodies in 5/4.

He also does awesome graphic design and has come up with some neat ideas for Nature of Waves

Show some support for Dinbot and all of the other projects involved!  For more media and info:
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